Sandal Model Av_01001B


Sandal Model Av_01001B



Our products are designed and made by recognizing and observing the anatomical body and by gently massaging the soles of your feet, it creates the same feeling and feeling of walking barefoot in nature, which is beneficial for your whole body.

Sandals and slippers are made of the finest polyurethane material and do not cause any extra tension in the legs. In the upper part, the lining and the inner sole of the sandals are made of the best artificial leather for foot hygiene, and in the shoes, the best leather (100% natural) is used in the upper, inner lining, and insole.
Our products are offered in a semi-traditional way and by using skilled labor in low volume, accuracy, and high quality.


Black, Brown, Navy blue, Gray, dark green, White, Honey, Cream


46, 47, 48


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