P. U sole with unique insole design and beautiful and cool medical sole
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P. U sole with unique insole design and beautiful and cool medical sole
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About us

Avideh shoes started its work in 1996 with the production of sports shoes. From the very beginning, it has sought to produce comfortable and anatomical sandals and shoes in accordance with modern world standards. Our products are designed and made by recognizing and observing the anatomical body and by gently massaging the soles of your feet, it creates the same feeling and feeling of walking barefoot in nature, which is beneficial for your whole body. Since 2012, with the development of the country’s communication platforms and new methods of marketing and sales and optimal methods of production and supply of products, Avideh shoe production group under the management of Mr. Ahmad Naderpour decided to create a site for Avideh shoes to display the products produced. And then from 1397, after obtaining the necessary licenses, to officially design and build an online sales site for Avideh shoe products.

The advantages of this method can be to improve the knowledge of market demand and direct communication between esteemed buyers and production and sales managers of the collection, better understanding of the samples requested by customers for better service, prevent waste of resources and reduce the cost of goods, eliminate intermediaries and The supply of products directly to the main consumer, the reduction of production and supply time, as well as receiving customer feedback before production (feedback) can be enumerated.

Your peace and health is our constant desire, so by taking advantage of premium raw materials and designing anatomical molds and first-class sewing, and beautiful models, we will take steps to achieve our goals.

Use of quality raw materials

Sandals and slippers are made of the finest polyurethane material and do not cause any extra tension in the legs. In the upper part, the lining and the inner sole of the sandals are made of the best artificial leather for foot hygiene, and in the shoes, the best leather (100% natural) is used in the upper, inner lining and insole.

Our products are offered in a semi-traditional way and by using skilled labor in low volume, accuracy and high quality.

Avideh shoe production group is proud to accept the suggestions and opinions of our dear compatriots. We hope that you will help us as much as possible to achieve our goals with your valuable comments.

Interesting information about shoes

Leather shoes are the most suitable material for shoes, because air transfer is established between the skin and outside the shoe. But shoes that are made of 100% plastic cause sweat in the feet and prevent air flow and cause skin disorders and abnormalities.
A comfortable shoe is a shoe that has a suitable height and the foot feels comfortable in the shoe. Usually the sole of the shoe should not be stiff and transfer the pressure to only one point.

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